7 Reasons to choose Kotlin over Java to develop Android Application

Kartik Gajjar August 27, 2019 0 Comments

If you are a programmer then you might well aware of the fact studied during school days, as “Java is the most powerful programming language”. Yes! That is true the features like Object-oriented and Class-based scenario in programming made Java a better platform. However, we are living in the era, where everything will be phased out and newer better platforms will get a surge.

This is what happened to Java. The recent demand over the Kotlin Programmers is the true evidence of Kotlin taking over Java. Since Kotlin and Android are backed by Google, the combination linked perfectly while developing the Android-based application.

To be frank, several top companies like Uber, Square, Evernote, and so trusted Kotlin language over Java. Kotlin offers excellent tool supporting feature and highly compatible than Java and object C. In addition, few other extra reasons are discussed below.

7 Reasons to Choose Kotlin over Java for Developing Android App

1. Suitable for Developing Multiplatform Project: IOS and Android
Kotlin supports Multiplatform project development; it is the biggest strength of it. With these features, developers can share codes between two platforms like iOS and Android. Kotlin supports Java, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and many.

2. It is Easier and Safer than Java
From the point of Android app development, Kotlin language takes an edge over Java. However, Java is so vast and it incomparable. At the same time, from the developers’ point of concern, Kotlin is easier to learn and produce safer coding.

3. Kotlin’s Code is Safer and More Concise
Unlike Java programming language, Kotlin programming language is concise, compact and clear code. Because of that, it is a safer code for the developers. With Kotlin’s language, programmers can prevent programming mistakes.

4. Compatible with Java
Kotlin language is compatible with Java, because of that programmer can make use of the tools and frameworks available in Java easily.

5. Smart and Safer Compiler in Kotlin
It is one of the key features of Kotlin as it detects errors at compiling time instead of during the run-time. In addition, it allows developers to do a lot of error checks and owing to that it reduces a significant amount of time.

6. Offers Better Functional Program
With Kotlin programming language, developers can improve the performances of their mobile apps via inlining. In addition, it offers easy functional concepts that can be explicit by programmers in a concise way.

7. It Has ‘Null’ Rights
Kotlin’s becomes the replacement for the ‘Nullability’ issues of Java. Well, it is the most common issue faced by Android developers. Since Java does not offer Null values, developers faced issues for placing null values so far.

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