Google Search Console Announcement: Mobile App Properties No Longer Supported

Kartik Gajjar March 8, 2019 0 Comments

G oogle sent me a notification today. I was surprised to read that in Google Search Console, mobile app profiles are no longer supported. Like me, other users, who have verified mobile app profiles, got this mail from Google. The email says “at the end of March 2019, Search Console will end support for app properties.”

Google Search Console is a collection of resources and tools that enables SEO professionals, webmasters and site owners to monitor their website performance in the Google Search Index. Formerly known as Google Webmaster Central, it provides information related to search traffic, search appearance, crawl updates, technical status updates, and so on.

With no surprise, most of the users reported this from last month. However, Search Console users are getting notifications from Google regarding data download before it goes away.

Screenshot of Mobile App Email Notification

If we are talking about Mobile app properties, Google included mobile apps, particularly Android apps, in the Google Search Console in 2015. And in 2017, the functionality of Google started moving to Firebase from Google Search Console.

It is also expected that many Google Search Console features are shutting down in March, 2019, including mobile app property support.

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