Technology Trends of Android App Development for 2019 & beyond

Kartik Gajjar June 19, 2019 0 Comments

The story of technology trend is heading more in 2019 with remarkable developments in 2018. As android app development undergoes frequent changes, a thorough study is required at various trends. Companies developing apps will be benefited as they can use this information going forward.

Here are some technology trends that will shape the android app world.

1. Payment apps

Nowadays mobile devices have become the primary platform for various digital transactions through different apps. In fact, Credit cards and wallets can be replaced by using Blockchain technology in modern web apps. The Blockchain technology keeps a record of the transactions with safe client information. Android app development must take this trend into account as it will give a new dimension to the future of transactions.

2. Beyond the screen apps

Companies are developing augmented virtual reality apps which go beyond the typical usage concerns. Things are going beyond the screens, which android app development should consider and convert them into reality.

3. Continued Cloud usage

Cloud storage seems to be a new trend, but it has been a long time since cloud was introduced. Modern android users want to use apps which cover less space as they have to delete other apps to make room for new downloads. Development in less space occupying apps will be trending in 2019 and beyond.

4. Growing Artificial Intelligence

Development of new apps will get influenced by artificial intelligence going forward as machine learning is changing the world. Through artificial intelligence, issues can be solved before users can lodge any complaint.

5. Introducing Instant Apps

Recently, smartphone users facing memory problems on their smart gadgets all because of the apps eating up a large amount of space. Making use of Instant Apps for developing mobile applications is memory efficient and user-friendly. Instant Apps don’t require installing for using, it simply works with a click and go.

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