Top UI trends to get your mobile app ready for 2019 and beyond

Kartik Gajjar May 19, 2019 0 Comments

To be an adept mobile app developer, you should always be ready to face new challenges and trends every year. At the same time, you shouldn’t focus only on the functions and features of new technologies, rather you should pay more attention to the mobile app designing as well.
Based on the survey report from various trusted sources, in the year 2018, about 60% of the mobile applications were never downloaded. Also about 21% of the mobile apps which were downloaded, used for just one time. Though there may be several reasons for people not downloading the applications, the lack of intuitive UI (User Interface) is one of the major reasons for this ridiculous statistical data.
To design a better and trendy mobile application, you should be well aware of the latest trends in UI designing. It is essential to adapt quickly to the latest UI trends to design trendy and attractive mobile applications.
Top 5 UI trends for designing mobile apps:

1. Overlapping

Overlapping is one of the impacts in UI, which will be in limelight for several years among the app developers. Using Overlapping impact wisely over the fonts, illustrations, and images would not only result in better UI design but also it will make users feel more spacious while using your mobile app.

2. Full-Screen Background Pictures

Having a full-screen background picture would have a strong appeal on mass audience. Generally, apps with multiple pages should opt to have a different set of splendid Full-screen background pictures page-wise, by doing so, user/viewer would feel refreshed and interested to spend more time.

3. Functional Animations

Well, when it comes to UI or any other designing, animation is inevitable these days. In 2019, UI design featured with functional animation is the latest trend. In fact, in addition to the functional animation, designers can prefer symbolized fonts, images and other aspects tend to be catchy among the viewers/users.

4. Self-Explanatory Illustrations

Unlike the old days, engaging users with content explanation are gone. Modern designers prefer to embed storytelling videos or images for illustrating the app’s features and functionalities. In fact, it can be a perfect tool to gain an advantage when it comes to market competition.

5. Voice Assistance

As we are living in the AI (Artificial intelligence) era, making use of voice-assisted interfaces for your mobile application would be a wise and trendy idea to reach more potential users. Who knows, if designers utilize this voice assistance wisely it will be in the limelight for several years.

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