(AMPs)Accelerated Mobile Pages vs. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): Which is better?

Kartik Gajjar June 27, 2019 0 Comments

AMPs – Accelerated Mobile Pages are the scripts from the open source platforms which play an advantageous role in boosting site pages/content to load quickly in mobile devices. In most cases, the AMPs are opted by the NEWS or e-commerce business in order to keep their bounce rate under control by loading their pages quickly.

PWA – Progressive Web Apps or Web Pages are specifically designed to offer a generic mobile application look and it helps the potential consumers to re-visit the pages/apps by offering a wide range of features.

Difference between AMPs and PWAs

  • AMP sites would be developed by using CSS and Standardized JavaScript & its Components; on the other hand, PWA sites use App Shell, Web App Manifest, Social Worker, Service Worker, and so for developing app/pages.
  • AMPs are highly preferred for static websites/blogs. However, PWA is highly preferred by the owners who need secure connection HTTPS web sites/pages.
  • AMPs are specially designed to reduce the page load time. Similarly, PWA pages allow users to navigate the entire sites/pages without any interruption.
  • Pros of AMP:

-Improves Keyword Ratings
-Improves Site Performance

  • Cons of AMP:

-Doesn’t Track User Activity
-Doesn’t Impact Search Engine Ranking

  • Pros of PWA:

-No Physical Installation Requires
-Auto Update Available

  • Cons of PWA:

-Limited Usages, Restricted in few platforms

Which is Better AMPs or PWAs?

In the feature, PWA stands better especially because of its push notification feature and it secures the websites from unwanted Ads, Viruses, etc. Also, PWA helps improve the conversion rate of the site when compared with AMPs.
However, for those who are looking for their sites to perform pretty well in Google, choosing the AMPs would be the best choice. Because Google seems to give preference to the sites with AMP features and it even comes up with the new visual features for the AMP sites.

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