How to choose right tech stack for web development?

Kartik Gajjar May 10, 2019 0 Comments

To create a perfect and functioning web application, technology stack plays an important role, which is a set of tools and structure used in the software development. Technology stack also influences the project cost as some tools are free to use while others are licensed versions.

Here, we are proving you some important TIPS to choose the right stack for web development.

There are two main parts of technology stack – Front End (Client Side) and Back End (Server Side).

Front End (Client Side)

Each and everything which users can see on their screens comes under Front End. The technology stacks involved here comprises the following components.

  • HTML (Hyper Text markup Language) tells browser to present the contents.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) decides the style of contents like layouts and color.
  • JavaScript enables interactivity of the web page.

Back End (Server Side)

One of the vital TIPS for choosing the technology stack is selecting the right Server Side as it acts as an engine which drives the application and implements it. Back End is not visible to the users and includes the following.

  • Operating System – Development is done here.
  • Web Server processes requests.
  • Database stores the app data.
  • Programming language creates the app code.
  • Web Development Framework for quicker development.

Another important TIP while choosing the right technology stack is not to select the components individually. Here are some of the most popular technology stacks that are used by Web developers.

  • LAMP: L – Linux Operating System, A – Apache (web server), M – MYSQL (database) and P – PHP (Programming language).
  • MEAN: M – MongoDB (database), E – Express.js (application framework), A – AngularJS (front-end framework), N – Node.js (runtime environment).
  • MERN which consists of MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js.

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