Bridging the gap between connection and call to action.
We at Digiwagon create online marketing strategies which include engaging content that inspire action – from being a part of your social media audience to purchasing your product or service to word-of-mouth referrals.

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to stand out. You need a digital marketing expert to understand your brand and communicate it to an audience, effectively. We offer a host of services like: Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and App Store Optimisation.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing is all about creating an online presence. Whether it is building a reliable customer relationship, brand promotion, brand visibility, customer acquisition or creating call to action links, the right marketing will help you get there. With daily engagement with customers, we help you increase brand reach, improve traffic inflow and form reputation among new and current clients.
Search Engine Optimisation involves the use of tools, strategies and techniques to drive traffic and place your site as high as possible on the first page of established search engines. If potential customers can find your products and services online easily, it guarantees a boost of sales and promotion of your website. Result driven link building service and an effective ORM service ensures better visibility for your brand.
App Store Optimisation
The purpose of App Store Optimisation is not just to increase the customer base or to make them download your app, but to keep them wanting more. With trusted algorithms, creating a strong online presence, targeted ads on social media, and taking help of bloggers and influencers, we market your app the way it should be.
Pay per Click
Pay per Click is a marketing strategy where you pay search engines every time a user clicks on your ad. This method translates to a quicker customer growth rate and better brand visibility. It is also a guaranteed return on investment, because you only pay when someone clicks on your link. With keyword search and selection, optimisation of landing pages, and conversion tracking, Digiwagon works with your choice of budget and target audience for assured success.
Email Marketing
A strategic Email Marketing strategy involves an attention-grabbing, strong copy. If your recipient treats the email as spam, the battle is lost then and there. We know how important email marketing is to engage in real dialogue with your consumer and boost businesses. Which is why, we start with building a mailer list and writing targeted messages to the right audience. For example, the weekly newsletter goes only to those who have subscribed to it. Latest arrivals go to the inboxes of those who are regular buyers.
SMS Marketing
Mobile Marketing is an efficient way to converse with potential clientele, because the message is delivered directly to their phone inbox. Our team can work with you to find a bulk text messaging solution perfect for your business. With this customisable service, you can target a wide range of people. A guaranteed delivery means that your message is duly received by the user. This makes SMS marketing one of the most efficient ways of targeting audiences.
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