A mobile app is about 3 things: Design. Utility. Performance.
We understand mobile app and growth strategy and transfer it into results. Whatever your choice of technology: iOS or Android, whether it be native app development, multi-platform native development or hybrid app development, interaction design or UI design – you define it, we create it. There is a custom app for everyone.
Android App Development
The market for android is ever increasing and with that the need for a competitive and skilled group of people, who can understand the complexities of the ecosystem. Digiwagon’s team uses top native technologies like Java and Kotlin, and cross-platform technologies like Xamarin and React Native, to make sure that you end up with nothing less than a fully efficient android app. We also review code, analyse crash data, and perform mobile and product testing to ensure smooth running.


• Android Smartphone Apps
• Android TV Apps
• Android Tablet Apps
• Chromebook Apps
• Android Wear Apps

iOS App Development
iOS apps are all about impressing through simplicity and uniqueness of design. Whether your company is a start-up or an MNC, we work across native languages like Swift and Objective C, and cross-platform languages like Xamarin and React Native, to suit all your app development needs. With finest coding practices, test driven iOS development, performance grading, and round-the-clock support and maintenance, we guarantee a customised app that you will love.


• iPhone App Development
• iPad App Development
• Apple Watch Development
• Apple TV Apps

React Native
React Native is a JavaScript framework which supports both iOS and Android, and might expand to other platforms in the future. This popular technology can be found in apps like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Uber, and SoundCloud. We use the best libraries and the finest backend technologies to create a powerful native mobile app for you. With functionality testing and support and maintenance services, we promise to create a hassle-free experience.


• Android app development with React Native
• iOS app development with React Native
• API development for mobile apps
• Delightful UI and UX development
• App support and maintenance

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